Voice Carry-Over Speech-to-Speech (VCO-STS) lets Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing individuals use their voices directly. In choosing the VCO-STS service the user permits the Relay Operator to repeat words the user has spoken but are not understood by the other party. This allows the conversation to progress without delay and may ease the frustration of being asked to repeat or concerns about being misunderstood. Register with Customer Service to be sure that your calls are “branded” VCO. 
711 or 844-214-4968


The VCO-STS user speaks directly to the other party.
The other party speaks and the relay operator types everything the other party says.
The VCO-STS user reads on a TTY screen what the other party says.
The relay operator repeats the VCO-STS user's spoken words if needed.
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